Q: After I sign up, how soon do I get my first survey?

You should receive your first paid survey within the first week or two. This depends on a few different factors, for example, your gender, location, and what demands and criteria companies are looking for in their surveys. For example if a company needs a survey pertaining to men’s fashion and you are a woman then you wont be invited to take that survey. With this said however you might receive your first paid survey in the first or second day of signing up with PaidSurveys.com. While you eagerly wait to receive your first survey we recommend that you visit our survey directory page which will provide you with the internet’s top 25 sites that pay you for taking surveys online. Once you register with companies on the survey directory page, which is 100% FREE for being a PaidSurveys.com member, you will receive many paid surveys and will keep you very busy.

Q: What is the average amount of paid surveys I will receive in a given month?

The average amount of paid surveys that you will get is between 2 to 4 per month. In order to earn the most money we recommend that you register with as many companies you can located on the survey directory page. This will give you access to the top surveys that pay you for completing online surveys. It might take you while to register for all of them but remember because you are a PaidSurveys member this is 100% free and once registered you will have more surveys than you can handle.

Q: Why do some surveys not offer cash but instead prizes or rewards?

Do not get discouraged if you receive these types of surveys that’s because the reason that these are sent out is solely to find out what members are serious about taking surveys online. We like to call this a “test” survey because companies want to “test” and send the really good surveys to the members that are the most serious. These surveys usually take a few minutes to fill out and more importantly they show the survey companies that you are motivated to get the good surveys.

Q: How much do these surveys payout?

Surveys vary in payouts depending on the length of the surveys. Sometimes you will get a short survey that pays $10.00 but other times you might be invited to a focus group/survey that pays $150.00. You may pick and choose what paid surveys you would like to complete. The important thing is to sign up with as many as you can on the directory page so that you have the flexibility to pick and choose from multiple surveys that you want to complete.

Q: Who pays me and when do I get paid?

Before you complete any survey you will know the payout up front. We recommend you keep a record for your own personal usage of what surveys you completed. Typically you will receive payment via company check directly from the company that is requesting the survey. These checks typically come a few weeks after you have completed the paid survey. More and more companies are now using online processing via PayPal which definitely speeds up the payment process and gets you your cash faster. Once you start your program and you start to get checks in the mail and money via PayPal it is a great feeling.

Q: How does PaidSurveys make money if its Free?

PaidSurveys.com has always been free and will always continue to be free. Even though other paid survey sites charge monthly fees and sign up fees we feel our members deserve to have the best surveys available to them for no cost. The best things in life are Free! We make money from our partners when our members take their surveys.

Q: I work full-time. Can I still do surveys and get paid?

The best part of becoming a PaidSurveys member is that you can take the online surveys anytime that you feel like it. Whether you have some extra time while the kids are at school or if you just can’t sleep at night, paid surveys will always be available for you anytime you want. Have an extra 20 min after work? Fill out a short survey and earn some cash. You make your own decisions and at your own pace.

Q: What about Taxes? Do I need to declare my earnings?

At the end of the year any survey company that has paid you a good amount of money will send you an 1099 IRS Form to include in your tax return. If you are a United States citizen, you are considered a independent contractor for income tax purposes. Please remember that PaidSurveys is not in the tax business and we are not accountants. The above answer is solely based on our comprehension of the tax laws and if you want further clarification you should contact your accountant or tax professional.

Q: How do I cancel my PaidSurveys account?

Not interested in doing any more paid surveys? No problem, simply click on the unsubscribe link in any email that your receive from PaidSurveys.com or offers-usa@members.paidsurveys.com. Once clicked you will be permanently removed from our system. Please note that if you would like to return in the future you will need to sign up from scratch and start all over.

Q: I am concerned about my information and privacy issues. Should I be concerned about this?

Your privacy is very important to us and as long as you register through the legitimate companies like PaidSurveys.com and our partners you will not have any issues regarding this. Companies respect your information and need you in order to learn how they can improve their product or service by issuing these paid surveys. The last thing they want to do is ruin their relationship with you. Each company has its own privacy policy and you should read each one if you are concerned in any way. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.